There is no way that excess weight can be shed by popping a single pill or taking some powder. However, many yarn for all want that magic pill which can quickly reduce weight. Many companies are manufacturing products that claim to reduce weight quickly. Advertisements that make any of the following claims are almost false or misleading. 

The claim: Lose one kg or more a week for a month or longer without dieting or exercise.

The reality: Weight loss requires a reduction in calorie intake or an increase in calorie expenditure (through exercise) or both. Weight loss requires changes in behavior. 

The claim: This product safely reduces more than 1 kg a week.

The reality: Losing that much weight that quickly increases the risk of gallstones and other health complications. 

The claim: Experience substantial weight loss no matter what or how much you eat.

The reality: It is simply impossible to consume unlimited quantities of foods and still lose weight. 

The claim: This product blocks the absorption of fat or calories.

The reality: Fat blockers can cause weight loss only when combined with calorie restriction

The claim: Lose weight and keep it off even after you stop using the product.

The reality: No effective weight loss strategy continues working once it's discontinued. 

The claim: This product works for everyone.

The reality: Humans vary extensively in their genetic and physiological make up; one product cannot serve all people. 

The claim: By wearing this product on your body or rubbing it into your skin, you'll lose weight.

The reality: No cream, no wrap, no device can cause substantial weight loss. 

Once these truths are realized, way to a better and healthier path opens with a realistic plan that really works for weight loss.  

Balanced healthy food is the only basis for weight loss