Sleeping too less or sleeping too much, both can be bad for your health in the long run. But sleeping for recommended hours, can equally turn out to be magical in our lives. Good sleep means 7 to 8 hours per day, if you do so, you will definitely see the following benefits.

  • Better Weight ManagementIf you sleep well, the hormone named leptin will never get down and you will not binge for unhealthy or high calorie rich food, which ultimately keeps you on healthy edge rather than making you obese.

  • Clearer thinkingSleep deprivation impairs your cognition, attention and your decision making ability. You will end up doing worse in your career as well as in your personal life. Giving a good time to sleep, will leave you with clear thoughts and clear goals to achieve.

  • Stronger ImmunityAccording to some researches, people who take recommended sleep, will not get easily catch up with cold and cough problems. It will make your immune system stronger.

  • Recover soon from minor painMany studies have shown, if you have acute or chronic pain from previous injury, getting enough sleep will actually lessen your pain. This actually works, don’t you have experienced this? If not, then do try, it works!