1. Rest your elbow. Don't lift weights. Avoid repetitive elbow movements.

2. Do take ice massage. Take an ice cube n rub it along the side of the elbow for 3 to 5 minutes depending on your tolerance. If your skin is sensitive, use ice pack instead of direct ice massage. 

3. You can protect ur elbow by using elbow band (Born life elbow band or Tynor elbow band) or crepe bandage.

 4. If you have an acute elbow pain, don't do any exercise until the pain subsides, but if the pain is chronic do elbow stretching exercises.

 5. If elbow injury happens at Gym, avoid any weight lifting for upper body for few days but you can do cardio or lower leg exercises.

6. Take physiotherapy treatment under the guidance of an expert physiotherapist.                                          

How a physiotherapist can help you in treating your elbow pain

  1. A physiotherapist will do the assessment for the injury and finds the correct diagnosis.
  2.  After diagnosis, the physiotherapist will make a treatment plan and treatment goals for recovery.
  3.  Therapeutic ultrasound helps in healing of injury and it should be taken under expert physiotherapist.
  4.  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) can help in relieving the pain and improving the circulation.
  5.  An expert and certified physiotherapist can do Kinesio-taping to protect the tendon around the elbow joint.
  6. A physiotherapist will design an exercise plan to strengthen up your muscles after pain gets less.