These simple exercise can help you answer the question- how to grow your height naturally?

  1. Swimming 
  2. Hanging Exercises 
  3. Toe Touching 
  4. Cobra Pose 
  5. Pelvic Shift 
  6. Skipping Rope 
  7. Dry Swim 
  8. Forward Spine Stretch 
  9. Straight Leg Up 
  10. Alternate Leg Kick


Water is a very important compound. Researchers say drinking enough water is essential for normal functioning of your body. Now as important as it is inside your body, this water has become an important factor in your body too. Swimming is a routine which not only enhances the flexibility in your body but also stimulates the cells within. The muscles are pricked at each and every corner. Just like tilling of soil is important, similar is the effect of swimming. This stimulation makes it easier to increase height naturally.

Hanging Exercises

Hanging exercise is the best way to increase height. These exercises increase the endurance of your arms. It’s a way of communicating with all the upper body muscles. These have a lot many variations. One can wrap the lower legs around a pole and hand downwards to increase the stamina of your legs too. Then if hanging on arms, one can pull up the legs in upwards direction and then release them back to the normal. Repeating this renders you free of extra body fat. When your body is toned, the height ultimately looks enhanced.

Toe Touching

This exercise involves standing straight and then bending downwards towards your knees. This stimulates the muscles in your back and calves. Thighs muscles are also massaged by this exercise. Aim for the toes but don’t push yourself beyond your body limits. This ideally should be performed from an early age to get overall body flexibility.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose resembles that of a serpent. It begins with lying on your tummy. Slowly lift up your upper body as if opening the can of beer. The transition should be very smooth. Bend as much as the tensile strength of your body allows. This massage enhances the growing capabilities of cells.BHUJANG ASANA (Cobra Pose)

Pelvic Shift

This is similar to the bridges. Lie in a straight position. Bend your knees. Bring your feet at shoulder width distance apart. Now put pressure on your foot and raise your hips. Keep your back straight. Breathe in slowly bring back your bums at the base. Again lift up and put down repeat. The pelvic shift helps in caring for your back – body cells.pelvic-shift

Skipping Rope

This one is not just a fun game but rather a fun way to grow taller too. Skipping rope involves a lot of jumping. Jumping triggers the cells of your body from head to toe. Every single muscle becomes active. This collaborative muscle work-out is the ideal way for a streamlined growth of your body. This is a fine way to retune the fat distribution in different body zones.rope-jump

Dry Land Swim

For those hydrophilic patients, there exists an alternative method to get most of the benefits of swimming without getting drenched. The dry swim is an exercise which involves the movement of alternate leg-hand pair. Your right arm teams up with your left leg and right leg pairs up with the left hand. Lying in a prone position you lift each pair turn by turn, outstretching each limb as far as you can. This exercise is very beneficial for those with height problems. This is the best way to increase height.dry-land-swim

Forward Spine Stretch

This exercise is a simple yet effective one for proper articulation of spine. One should practice it after a tiring workout session like in swimming. Just sit with your legs flattened out straight on the floor. Inhale deeply and feel the breath at the height of your spine exhale with relaxing your shoulders and bending your spine forward with hand joined and stretched along with the spine.

Straight Leg-up Exercise

Leg ups are definitely in the top 10 exercises for height increase. They are simple and very easy. Lie down on your back. Slowly lift your legs up together. Raise them straight in the air. Gradually take them back downwards near the ground, keeping them few inches above the floor. Again rise them up in the straight vertical 90 degrees with the floor and bring them back just above the ground. Start with 7-8 repetitions a day.

Alternate Leg Kick

Thighs muscles are very important to be strengthened. They carry the weight of your upper body. So to increase height one must simultaneously strengthen these muscles to maintain the equivalent body-mass growth. Lie down on your back. Keep both legs straight. Bring one leg near to your chest. Then straighten it. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat the motion like in cycling. Don’t rest your feet on the ground in between.


Along with physical workouts, there is one very important component of growth working in the backdrop. Food for increasing height should be well equipped with all the nutritional values and balanced diet. Proteins are a must. Eggs and pulses should be given a fair quarter of your meals. Addition of more and more green and leafy vegetables provides essential vitamins to your body. These vitamins refurbish the overall body growth. Roughage is again very important to be included in your meals. When you work out, a considerable amount of energy is spent on your performance. Milk and yoghurt are best options available for energy supplements. Homemade ghee and olive oil in meals provide your machinery with the much-needed oiling supplements. Always remember to take your breakfast and rest of the meals on time to attain a taller stature.