Rock salt or the Sendha Namak as you know it, has always found an exclusive space in our homes and is irreplaceable by the common salt. With a distinct taste and far less obtainable and scanty sources, it’s less about the exclusivity but more about the vital health benefits that we have become more or less ignorant about in an attempt to seek modern resolutions to our health problems.

In this edition of our ongoing ayurvedic series, we attempt to introduce you to a vital flavour of Ayurveda - i.e. Rock Salt. Majorly found in the Himalayan regions, the only producer from India has a manufacturing unit located in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. As scanty as it may sound, rock salt is derived from the mountains rich in the salt-ore infused with vital minerals over centuries.

Sendha Namak, as called in our scriptures, this type of salt finds a space in all our holy rituals due to the purity and sanctity developed for its health benefits. Without extending it further, let’s get a better insight with the help of Ayurveda.

Infusing Your Meals With Rock Salt as A Fat Burner

Unbeknownst to many, rock salt acts as an excellent fat burner by exhausting the fat depositions in and around your belly. It not only helps you to sweat the existing fat in your body but helps your metabolism digest the dense fat that forms a large part of your meals. Just a teaspoon of rock salt, and you can be assured about the excessive amount of fat you intake on a regular basis.

Rock Salt As An Anti-Inflammatory Element for Intestinal Helminths

More often than not, our digestive tract tends to be infested by various pathogens and microorganisms owing to our reckless food-habits. Often, it is the intestines which get majorly affected and house terrible infestants like aschelminthes or a range of platyhelminthes - i.e. a plethora of helminthic organisms that can be detected only in stool tests post a few episodes of ill stomach sessions. Rock Salt not only helps the intestines heal from the slow infestation of these parasitic helminths but constrict their growth in a way that ultimately eliminates them. Replacing common salt with rock salt can heal your digestive tract by a great margin while rejuvenating your digestive capability.

Relieving Your Acidity With The Help Of Rock Salt While Improving Your Digestion

While you’re caught up with a fast paced schedule, we get little time to track our diet which often leads to a dietary imbalance causing a number of disorders like acidity, indigestion and an incompetent amount of mucus secretion by the stomach. Consequently, we burden our tract with a range of acidity relieving products, little do we look for a solution in our lifestyles that can be inspired hugely by Ayurveda. Rock salt is one such ayurvedic element that can help you deal with your stomach issues without piling a range of products and eventually causing you none of those side-effects you dread.