Whether its a belly, or love handles, we already hate the belly fat on our bodies. To make it worse, recent research shows that overweight or obese women were more likely to develop asthma than women with a healthy weight.

Further they found that regardless of weight,a large waist size (more than 34 inches) also increased your risk of developing asthma. Besides the increased risk of asthma, the symptoms of asthma were also more severe in overweight women.

As Indians, we are already at a higher risk of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. With rising pollution levels and obesity levels among men, women and children, puts us at a higher risk of asthma.

All of this further highlights the need to stay fit, to eat healthy food,  and to exercise. If you're overweight, its essential to lose the extra weight. The extra load your body carries puts more pressure on your skeletal structure. The extra fat and cholesterol clogs your arteries, making your heart pump harder.

Losing weight is easy with the right diet plan and exercise plan. You should not starve yourself- crash dieting is bad for health. Or only eat fat free foods.

Losing weight is like getting rich. No one becomes rich overnight. But with a structured plan from experts, you can get their faster. And it won't be an elusive goal.

Even if you're getting a small belly, be mindful. Belly fat is the most dangerous and active kind of fat in your body. Eat whole foods, get exercise and live a healthy life!