Health benefits of anger... Surprised ? 

While civilised society is taught to suppress or curb anger, anger in fact, can be a positive emotion . Here's how...

1) Anger when directed towards a justifiable cause or an injustice can motivate a person to effect a change.

2) Suppressed anger can lead to hostility and latent violence which can be potentially dangerous .

3) Anger when expressed directly has a better effect than when hinted through sarcasm , irritability or discontent which are negative emotions .

4) A quick burst of well defined anger is an instant stress buster... whereas simmering, chronic anger releases stress hormones affecting immunity and putting strain on cardiovascular health . It could lead to chronic anxiety and depression, too. The current increase in societal violence is mainly due to repressed , mismanaged, out of control anger...

Obviously ANY expression of anger cannot be pleasant, however anger can be harnessed and channelised positively by acknowledging it first and then dealing with it to change the situation. This can be at a personal, professional or at the social levels.

 That's the only way we will get to see "Achhe din!!"