Dear Parents, 

It is that time of the year when most of you are busy collecting School Uniforms, shoes, and books to get your children ready for the next academic year. Of course, the children are enthusiastic to see their school and share the holiday experience with schoolmates. 

Monsoon brings a host of infections with it related to the eye. Viruses and Bacteria thrive in high humidity during monsoon season which results in Conjunctivitis. The occurrence of Stye and Corneal Ulcer is also high during this season. 

Some of the precautions/actions to take during this season: 

  • Avoid touching eyes with dirty hands, yes we all do that!
  • Try to keep children away from muddy puddles, bacterial counts are high in these areas.
  • Avoid sharing Handkerchiefs and towels, as they are one of the reasons for transmission of conjunctivitis.
  • Redness, pain/discomfort and watering in the eyes are some of the symptoms of conjunctivitis. Avoid self-medication and consult Eye specialist at the earliest. 
  • If you experience extreme pain and blurred vision, you must consult a specialist immediately to rule out Corneal Ulcer. 
  • Do not wear contact lenses if you suspect infection in the eye. 

Keep up the hygiene standards at home/work and school, stay safe during lovely monsoon reason!