The ongoing pandemic of the novel Coronavirus - COVID-19 has created a global crisis. Becoming parents during the ongoing crisis is even more challenging. The expecting couples are overwhelmed with the concerns related to the safety of their unborn child. The parents are anxious about the repeated visits to their Gynecologists during the pregnancy. The situation is even worse in the containment zones, as few hospitals also ask for additional tests when the patients from such zones visit a hospital for the delivery. The couples are not able to look forward to supporting their parents as most of them are not able to travel.

The unborn fetuses will certainly not wait for the unlocking orders from the government for their arrivals into this world. The fear of COVID-19 mixed with the uncertainties of the lockdown is likely to have an impact on the mother’s mental health. It is, however, important for couples to remain stable and unperturbed. They need to act with conviction without any fears. They should regularly contact their Gynecologists on phone and follow the advice, accordingly.  The expecting mother should focus on lifestyle measures for better physical and mental health. A balanced diet with appropriate nutrition and hydration is important along with the required physical activity. Yoga, Meditation, and mindfulness are likely to enhance the immune system and will also take care of undue anxiety. With high hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic soon goes down the history as a triumph of human’s indomitable spirit and determination. The stories of such couples who become parents amidst the COVID-19 pandemic will always provide strength to the coming generations. The newborn babies during the COVID-19 pandemic will be certainly stronger and tougher.  

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!