This article is intended for people who have quit smoking but feel deprived and miserable on having done so, and those who have intentions to quit in the very near future but are scared of the withdrawal symptoms.

For quitting to be successful, or for that matter any change to be successful it helps if one is happy with the change and also enjoys this new state, and the process of reaching there. A smoker who has quit smoking, if continues to feel deprived as if he has made a sacrifice, is more likely to get back to smoking than a person who quits and finds the process to be easy, and maybe even enjoyable. 

When I quit smoking and experience feelings, and 'things' which are not comfortable, and make me feel like I have lost my best friend, makes it more likely to get back to smoking (as soon as my will power exhausts, or I 'create' a good enough reason to) and now my 'habit', my addiction has become stronger as I am more  aware of what hell follows if and when I quit. Quitting in this manner may actually strengthen the addiction, and in reality has worked for a very small percentage of people who have remained non-smokers for life. People who are successful in quitting in this manner may be required to use a lot of their will power, and experience sadness at not giving in to their addiction.

So how do I quit such that I am successful at it, that I find it comfortable to even be in the presence of other smokers and be happy about being a non-smoker. This is possible, and hundreds of smokers quit everyday to never go back to it. Start with understanding what this 'habit' actually is and what it does for you, once you realize what smoking, nicotine addiction is and how true the perceived benefits are, you will not only find it easy to quit, but you may actually enjoy the process of quitting, and you will make sure for yourself that you don't light up a cigarette again. 

It is easy to break the chain, no conditions attached, other than a simple understanding of the true nature of the addiction, and willingness to do so.