Before we start, we need to understand the basic principles of Nature Cure:

• Body Heals itself.

• Main Cause of disease is enervation.

• Deposit of metabolic end-products in the body is diseased. 

• Acute Disease is a remedial process-itself a cure.

• Food Is a building material, does not increase vitality.

• Fasting Provides an opportunity to the body to heal itself.

• Germs do not cause the disease but are found in the diseased conditions.

• Exercise Or physical activity keeps the balance between nutrition and drainage.

• External Treatments whether natural, allopathic, ayurvedic or homoeopathic, give only relief, do not cure.

• Patient’sown will to get well, determination and faith are necessary things for nature cure treatment.

This is our first and foremost lesson learned properly keeping in mind each and every point. It is to be practised by every patient and individual before the treatment starts.