It is general perception that to lose weight or for good health eating raw food is good but that is not true for everyone, no doubt raw foods are rich in nutrition but it is our digestive system which should be capable enough to absorb those nutrients, so eating raw is not always beneficial for all. 

Here are few things you should keep it in mind about raw vegetables - 

  • Raw vegetables are heavy to digest, eating large amount of raw veggies  depletes digestive fire which leads to accumulation of toxins and then causes disease.
  • Raw food gives instant energy and you feel better elimination but in long run it causes gas, bloating, constipation, dryness of skin, coldness and sleeping problem. 
  • Cooked food are easy to digest. Steaming and sautéing of vegetables in fact make easy for body to absorb nutrients but over cooking should also be avoided. 
  • Uncooked foods are dry, cold, rough and activating in nature so they increase vata dosha in body. This increased vata causes as many as 80 types of physical and mental problems. Those who are vata body type or  suffering from vata disorder then they should avoid regular consumption of raw vegetables. 

Ayurveda recommends to eat raw fruits, nuts and spices that too according to individual digestive capacity. Person with strong digestion can have raw food but that should not be dominant part of meal.