The immune system of human body in Vedic texts is comparable with “OJA”.

This OJA is responsible for preventing contagious and communicable disease.

OJA is considered as the essence at the best part of all the seven Dhatus ( body elements i.e Lymph, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Bone Marrow, Semen).

Once the OJAKSHAYA (reduction in OJA) happens in the body, the disease fighting ability of the body gets reduced which can be compared with HIV / AIDS.


HIV is a lenti retrovirus that causes AIDS.AIDS is a condition in which Immune system of the body is attacked by the HIV viruses which damages specific immune system cells ultimately leading to collection of symptoms and many opportunistic infections (Gastrointestinal tract infections, fever, respiratory, skin infections) in humans which lastly ends with death.

HIV is found in the bodily fluids of infected person i.e. Semen, Vaginal Fluids, Blood and Breast Milk. When these fluids come in contact with healthy individual through sexual contact, blood to blood contact (multiple blood transfusions, organ and tissue transplant, use of unsterile needle and syringe), during pregnancy and through breast feeding, the healthy individual also gets infected with HIV/AIDS.


It’s a virus which attacks the T-Cells in the immune system and its symptoms are as follows:-

Swollen lymphatic glands in throat, armpit or groin.

  • Mild fever
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches

These symptoms may last for only few weeks and later there are usually no HIV infected symptoms for many years. For this reason it’s hard to identify without laboratory investigations that whether you are suffering with HIV or not.


AIDS is a syndrome which appears in the advanced stage of HIV infection.

This HIV infects the vital cells in the human system such as Helper T-Cells (Specifically CD4+ T cells ), macrophages and dendrite cells. {CD4+T Cells are the white Blood Cells that are essential part of the Immune System. CD4 cells send signals to CD8 cells and CD8 cells destroys and kills the Infection or Virus.}

When CD4 cell number declines below a critical level, cell mediated immunity is lost and the body becomes progressively more susceptible to opportunistic Infections.


In many cases once the symptoms developed on early entry of virus gets disappeared, there will be no further symptoms for many years.

During this time the virus carries on developing and damages the immune system, this process can take upto 10 years.

Now if the patient still left undiagnosed and untreated, the person becomes vulnerable to serious illness which shows following signs and symptoms:-

Ayurvedic Line of Treatment:

Ayurveda can show a ray of hope to the patients of HIV/AIDS and Ayurveda can help the patient to live a Quality life.

Ayurvedic Rasayana treatment (Herbal Immune Boosting treatments) corrects the Agni (the digestive fire) and there by produce best Dhatus as the Dhatawagnis ( fire required to prepare best body elements) also are at their best ability, due to Rasayan therapy as high quality Dhatus are produced, the strength of these Dhatus  are also at their best. Hence Ardhangula OJA (Best immunity) can be produced at their optimum level which corrects OJAKSHAYA.

Our Rasayana medicines enhance this OJA as if this OJA is enhanced such diseased conditions become easily treatable and the disease where relapse are common they can be prevented at least the frequency of the relapses can be kept minimum.

Our treatment modalities employed do not directly cause damage to the organism but they produce disease specific immunoglobulins and through immune system they affect the pathogens, which ultimately help the patient in improving their body weight, alleviating the agonising symptoms of the AIDS and improve the quality of Life.