The present generation is so much worried about hair loss as hair is the style statement for many youngsters.

In Ayurveda, hair is the byproduct of bone tissue. In-fact hair fall is the initial symptom of osteoporotic change.

Even hair may fall due to peeling of scalp layer or due to loose hair follicles. Patchy hair loss in the scalp is known as INDRALUPTA (Alopecia) and when it is wide spread its called as KHALITYA (Baldness).

Primary Causes:

  1. Too much intake of SALT, SOUR and SPICY (Pungent) taste food items (this makes hair follicles loosened & hair sheds). In day-to day life we are not aware of excess salt entering body in the form of pickles and through rice, roti, dosa (extra salt added while preparing).
  2. Excess use of CARBONATED DRINKS (cool drinks are usually acidic which makes too much phosphorus to combine with less calcium resulting in osteoporotic changes) & HARD WATER intake. (Remember temporary hardness of water can be removed only by heating)                        
  3. STRESS- it is not caused only because of excess workload, perhaps late night sleep, late night work and too much thinking about hair fall causes stress for body and mind.
  4. If the person is of PITTALA PRAKRUTI, it acts as add on causative factor for hair fall.

Secondary Causes:

  1. Untimely food habit and too much intake of water.
  2. Disease causing hair fall: HYPOTHYROID, AMENORRHEA, PCOD. (Women don't suffer from baldness as detoxification of blood occurs every month through menstruation. But those who are suffering hormonal diseases can experience hair fall since their menses are affected).
  3. Side effects of drugs- Certain drugs used to treat acne, cholesterol/ weight loss, hypertension, ulcers, inflammation, arthritis, gout and depression. Birth control pills, hormonal replacement therapy, male androgenic hormones-testosterone, prednisone & other steroids.

What not to do?

Avoiding the cause is the first line of treatment in Ayurveda. Hence the causes were listed elaborately.

  • Avoid too much intake of:
    • Salty, Sour and extra Spicy food items.
    • Deep fried items
    • Refrigerating & reheating of prepared food.
  • Avoid late night sleep and work.
  • Avoid HOT WATER BATH for HEAD.
  • Avoid too much use of hair drier, straightener which causes dryness of scalp and too much use of chemicals in the form of gel, shampoo & conditioners.
  • Avoid eating in between food timings.

What to do?

  • Do early morning exercise and pranayama
  • Use warm water for drinking.

(Even though many causative factors seen in many people but they won't suffer from hair fall is due to Body Strength & Immunity developed by morning exercise & proper diet).

Prognosis: Hair fall is controllable, Alopecia is reversible with efforts whereas Baldness is difficult to treat. So I recommend to get treated before you become BALD.

Ayurveda Treatment:

नित्यम् स्नेहार्द्र शिरसः न खालित्यम् न पालित्यम् l

One who keeps his head moisturized everyday will not suffer from Baldness or Grey hairs.

4 ways to moisturize head are

  • Shiro abhyanga
  • Shiro pichu
  • Shiro dhaara
  • Shiro basti

For simple hair fall Shiroabhyanga (Head massage) with specific medicated oil prescribed based on prakriti and dosha by authentic Ayurveda Doctor is must.

Other 3 treatments along with Shiro Virechana/ Nasya and Prachanna are administered based on intensity of causative factor, dosha & condition of the patient.

If hair fall is caused due to disease, then the disease should be treated first.