An increasingly stressed and all the time on toes lifestyle is getting on everyone’s nerves but more so on the joints of your body. True to its cause, our legs go through so much throughout the day - literally being on toes all day long suffering from the high workload, long hours of desk job and then, a long stand-in at the public transports. On top of that, we rarely give them a fair chance to work-out or stretch for better physical health of our legs and other joints across the physical skeleton of the body. Consequently, our body gives up-pain, stress, swelling and you name it! It’s all there before you start taking care of your joints.

How To Listen To Your Joints’ Complaints and Address Them Naturally

Before you even start facing the pain in your joints, your body tries to bring the unease to your notice way before you start to take notes. A stressed nerve, unease movements and a lack of physical exercise can be primary signs of your joints’ falling health. You can always start with physiotherapy or even a stretching session to begin with, followed up with a walk or jogging in the morning. If not, we highly recommend Surya-Namaskar for an easy and quick physical work-out as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will help your body get used to the stretching and would help you be up and running for all your long days.

What’s In Ayurvedic Store For Your Joints and Knee Pain

Ayurveda has always known that only physical exercise can only deal with half the problem that concerns the joints. A better treatment methodology always includes herbs like Nirgundi, Durhaldar Ghan, Punarnava Ghan to help the joints heal from within.  We hope you shall trust Ayurveda and do a favor on your body to heal better.