The stress, tension and fast-paced lifestyle has considerably increased the health risks for men, and understanding the health risks is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy life. The common health concerns in men include heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, stroke and conditions unique to men such as diseases of the prostate, low libido, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, low sperm count and low quantity of semen.Ayurveda offers effective remedies for all these conditions. Ayurveda describes diet, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies which make men healthy, promotes the development of resistance to diseases and to help you to have active and healthy life throughout.

Ayurveda for Benign Prostate Enlargement: Prostate gland is a small gland located below the urinary bladder surrounding the urethra in males. The prostate is needed to maintain optimal health. It produces the seminal fluid that is discharged during sexual stimulation. An enlarged prostate can cause impotence, low sex drive and problems in urination. Prostate problems are caused due to Kapha vitiation.

Ayurveda for Premature ejaculation: Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual problem among men. This occurs in most men at some time or other, but is often found in very young men and can have a demoralizing effect on both partners.

Some general measures to combat Early Ejaculation include:

  •  Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Check out with your doctor for side effects of medicines that you are prescribed.
  • Try to lose weight if you are obese, do regular exercises to keep you fit.
  • Control your diet, eat healthy food like freshly cooked home foods. Reduce your intake of salts, spicy, oily and fried foods.
  • Try to bring down the level of stress in your life with relaxation techniques, changes in lifestyle and yoga.
  • Spend adequate time with your partner yoga.