Arthritis actually means inflammation or swelling of a joint, accompanied by pain. But nowadays it used by laymen as a general term for any disease of the joint. Arthritis is a symptom of a disease and not a disease by itself.


The cause of arthritis is largely non specific. But various factors like heredity, obesity, injury and stress may play a part. The 2 most common causes are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Other causes can be : Infections from different bacteria Rheumatic fever. Gout. Tuberculosis, psoriasis and even intestinal diseases like Crohns.


Swelling. Pain. A general feeling of stiffness and restricted movements esp. in the morning. Red shiny skin over the joints. Deformity of joint later on Sometimes there may be numbness, loss of appetite, low grade fever and a general sense of being unwell.


A wholefood, largely vegetarian diet with plenty of salads, fruits and lightly cooked vegetables is recommended. Cut out foods such as dairy products, which can cause allergy. Avoid red meat but fish or chicken in moderate amounts will do no harm. Avoid unpasteurised milk and use goat's milk if possible. Avoid acid fruits such as lemons and strawberries, tomatoes, salt, sugar (use honey), tea, coffee and alcohol. Take vitamin A, C, E and zinc supplements. Maintain optimum weight for your height and built. Exercise regularly, but avoid vigorous and heavy work. Yoga can be very helpful. On waking do not rush into your routine, but start gradually and slowly. In case of acute inflammation, Take rest till inflammation subsides. Local heat or infrared is helpful to alleviate the pain. Avoid full activity or stretching of the joints. Always consult the doctor for any medication.