Heel pain is the most common foot injury from which people suffer. In fact, it has reached almost epidemic proportions these days.  The pain is usually felt on the bottom of the heel (Plantar Fasciitis) or it may be on the back of the heel (Achilles Tendonitis).

You may recall injuring the area or it may seem like you woke up one morning and there it was – that sharp, stabbing pain in your heel!  You may ask, “Why me?”  In many cases there may not be a clear answer to your question.  

Some common causes of heel pain include standing or walking more than you are used to, especially if you are vacationing on a soft, sandy beach.  Walking in the sand will cause the smaller muscles of the feet to work extra hard to stabilize you. This leads to more stress along the bottom of your foot.  Sporting events that include a lot of running such as soccer, jogging, and triathlons frequently lead to heel pain and other foot injuries.

Many people wait to see if their heel pain will go away on its own. It usually doesn’t! Patients often present to the office after several months of experiencing heel pain. The plantar fascia is over stressed this whole time and does not have the opportunity to heal. Your injury is now chronic and may take longer to resolve.  

The sooner you seek medical treatment, the sooner you get your life back!