How often you ask yourself WHO you truly are?


An adult has clarity to handle life and its crisis, has faith in self, is not fearful of past, present and future, learns from past mistakes and is motivated enough to work towards happiness and fulfillment.


There is a difference.

  • Being Childish - means literally being immature and silly, acting out, having anger outbursts etc. 
  • Being Childlike - means having good qualities of a child like innocence, inexperience, being naive etc. 

In both conditions you and your loved ones suffer. 


  1. Do you feel confused and or indecisive in various activities of your daily life?
  2. Do you cry easily/ get hurt easily/ have bad temper or anger issues/ get irritated easily?
  3. Do you feel fearful about the past, present or anticipatory future events or circumstances?
  4. Do you  feel excessively helpless in dealing with difficult people and or situations?
  5. Do you feel guilty of your past actions and or are unable to forgive yourself for some reason? 

We all have gone through at least one of the above in our lifetime in various intensity. I still have to meet a person who denies all of the above. 


  1. Not at all
  2. Rarely
  3. Sometimes
  4. Often
  5. Very often

Any total score of 16 and above or any single score of 4 in any of the five domains means your CHILD MODE is "ON".

In short, it means that your physical/ outer personality has moved on to become an adult but your mind/ inner personality stays stuck as a child. As children are poorly equipped to understand and deal with difficult situations which involves personal and worldly affairs; problems start surfacing in your adult life as the CHILD MODE in you is inappropriately "ON"or is excessively used --> This shows up in your relationships, work and career as our self stress management skills and coping mechanisms begin to fail. 

This explains the importance to move from confusion to clarity, fear to faith, crying/ anger/ helplessness to empowerment/ motivation and from guilt to learning from past mistakes. 

So start self repair work on your own or with expert help to learn to use this CHILD MODE appropriately for your benefit and happiness and avoiding suffering for yourself and your loved ones.