Yes, in fact there are many natural calcium sources used in Ayurveda which are far better than artificial calcium supplement. Calcium from natural sources like shankh, kapard, Godanti, coral, pearl, akkik, shring, kukkutandtvak other than that some herbs like asthishrikhla, shatavari, shigru, shilajit, amla, giloy, sesame seeds, ashwagandha and arjun  helps in improving and maintaining calcium level in body. Calcium from above sources not only good for bones but they improve overall health.

Q. When to take calcium supplements?

Calcium is not produced in body, body gets it from food but if sufficient calcium is not available in diet then supplements are required. Calcium deficiency occurs in conditions like during menopause, lack of exercise, faulty lifestyle, smoking, due to some medications, vitamin D deficiency, ageing etc. then supplements are required.