Thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism cause multiple effects on the body. Hypothyroidism causes weight gain, mood changes like depression, lethargy, menstrual irregularities, muscle soreness, edema of limbs, also infertility. Hyperthyroidism can cause cardiovascular effects, weight loss, restlessness, digestion problems etc.

Medications are available for both these disorders, on regular follow up with doctor [physician/ gynecologist/ endocrinologist], thyroid disorder can be managed well. "Is it all that is needed to deal with this disorder?". As a doctor, I would say 'no'! In addition to medications, efforts to improve fitness level to be able to carry out day to day activities helps to have better lifestyle.

With increase in health and fitness awareness in cities, especially in Bangalore various fitness programs, personal trainers, exercise therapists can be of great help. Here are some more aspects explained on acquintance with an exercise therapist from north Bangalore [Mr. Krishna :]. He explains it more practically! Exercise programs individualised to every person depending on their assessment, improves cardiovascular stamina, also targets on improvement of muscle strength, reduces muscle soreness, improves flexibility, and endurance. He explains that exercise program at right intensity combined with warm up, work out, stretching and cool down improves mood changes, releases endorphins, increases muscle strength, helps in proper digestion and adequate sleep.

In addition, regular exercise under proper supervision helps in weight loss, improves menstrual cycles as well as infertility! Benefits of being "fit and healthy" with proper medication and personalised fitness program goes on and on!