FAQ HAIR TRANSPLANT:Are the results after hair transplant permanent?hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss/baldness.the reason behind permanency of results is the donor dominance concept of hair transplant.donor area is the occiput area means the area behind the head.you must have seen people 70 yrs old who have gone bald over the years but the hairs behind the back are still there.this is bcos this area is hormone resistant permanent zone.donor grafts in hair transplant are taken from this area to give permanent results.these hairs grow lifelong and u can style them as u like!

usually 2500 grafts suffice to cover a grade 3-4 baldness which can be easily harvested from the occiput area but the people who have advance grades of baldness ,body hair transplant is the only option for them.body hair are usually taken from beard,chest and legs.

permanent results also depend on the strict permanent donor area harvesting.if the grafts are over harvested and are also taken from the non permanent zone then the results can be transient