In the modern world, peoples are very busy and running with too many thoughts and too many targets to achieve. Hence such multi-targeted people suffer from mental stress and emotional problems which disturb the equilibrium of the body. It is well known that the wrong or negative mental thoughts may also results in physical illness. Besides the involvement of brain, personality factors also lead to mental stress problems like depression, anxiety, over sensitiveness, fear, sadness, disappointment, too much stress and tension, lack of energy, excessive haste, anger and emotional outbursts.

Such disorders can occur to any individual at any age when emotions overpower the body and many symptoms become apparent. As body and mind are very closely interconnected, such emotional disturbance can easily affect the  physical body function to cause loss of energy, decrease in appetite, insomnia, constipation, headache, vague body pains, diminished interest in sex, intensive misery, negativity and self-doubt, giddiness, palpitations, dryness of the mouth and blurred version and many more. This is called psychosomatic disorders.Sometimes severe depression leads to feeling of total hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, weight gain, and withdrawal into self and non-responsiveness.  

While most common treatment method for addressing such disorders is through Anti depression/ SSRI Medications along with Psychotherapies like CBT, Relaxation techniques etc. Here are are  going to talk about one such solution through Ancient Siddha Medical system called  VARMAM Therapy .“Varmam or Marma” are locations in the body where vital life force or Prana is seen in high concentration. There are 108 vital Varmam points in the body that helps to ensure body, mind and soul are interconnected and functions in harmony. However, due to unhealthy physical and Mental practices, lifestyles irregularities, habits etc, there can be loss or blockage of such vital energy at certain locations which in turn can cause disease or disorders in both body and mind. 

The objective of "VARMAM Therapy" is to stimulate those particular points to energize and unblock the energy flow to its normal condition, so that various Acute/Chronic diseases and disorders can be cured. VARMAM Therapy can also work independent without medicines. In a mental imbalance situation, the key essence of treatment is to ensure “uniform flow of life force or Prana” in the body. Varmam therapy achieves this by stimulating certain key Varmam Points through different traditional manipulation and massage techniques, which in turn balance three breaths i.e Surya Nadi (Hot), Chandra Nadi ( Cold) and Sushma Nadi (Balanced).

Varmam Simulation Methods
  1. Cheerum Kolli Varmam (Rear head)
  2. Saruthi Varmam (Rear head)
  3. Porchai Varmam (Rear Head)      
  4. KondaiKolli Varmam (Top of the Head)   
  5. Poigai Kaalam (Above the ears)
  6. Bala Varmam (On the Nose)   
  7. Doosika Varmam (Chest region)  
  8. Patchi Varmam (Fore Head)   
  9. Kathi Kama Varamam (Chest Region)      
  10. Sakthi Varmam (Chest Region)      
  11. Adappa Kalam (Sides of Rib cage)

The above varmam therapy is capable of enhancing body functions, relax the mind, and activate the correct circulation of cerebral spinal fluids, energy and blood in the brain cells and body. 

Benefits of Varmam Therapy

The Varmam therapy bring out proper function of endocrine and exocrine system of the body and regulate ‘vasi’ (Varmam energy), Saram (energy emerging after passing all six chakaras and enter into the brain) and Pranan (energy bearing or energized blood with oxygen flowing throughout the body in each cells and tissues of the body). VARMAM therapy along with psychotherapy and few dietary / lifestyle changes can help to bring down the mental stress through changes in life pattern towards peaceful mind. Below are the reason for success in such holistic approach;

  • Depressed people keep themselves away from meeting with others and prefer loneliness.Psychotherapy or counselling helps them to open up and ventilate their emotions and find solution to handle emotional problems.
  • Varmam Stimulation on key energy locations increases the secretion in the brain hormones and opens up nerves and rejuvenates the neurotransmitters, hence makes them feel active and happy.
  • Diet changes helps in supply of nutritious energy and positive environment for the brain cells to perform to their maximum levels
  • The perspective of looking into things starts changing due to the rejuvenation of the brain cells and health in body. Hence dealing with problems which are the reasons for the depression are kept at a bay.