Marigold’ flower is bitter and pungent in taste. It is not simply beautiful to look at, it also ends infection and stops bleeding. It is useful to cure bloody diarrhoea, piles and hemorrhage. Tie it on the affected part, it provides relief in normal hurt and swelling.Dripping juice of marigold flowers in the ears provides relief from ears pain. Juice of marigold leaves decreases swelling of the breast. Gargling with juice of marigold leaves is useful to end toothache

Use in different diseases:

  • Ears pain: Drip 2-3 drops of light hot juice of marigold leaves in the ear; it ends ears pain.
  • Breast swelling: If the swelling occurs in the woman breast suddenly, juice of marigold leaves should be rubbed on the breast, because it reduces breast swelling.
  • Asthma and cough: Grind equal quantity of marigold seeds and sugar candy together. After that, take one spoon this mixture with one cup of water 2-3 times in a day regularly, it provides relief in asthma and cough.
  • Blood piles: Soak 250 grams marigold leaves and banana root in 2 kg water at overnight. In the next morning, drink 15-20 grams juice of this mixture, it will provide relief in blood piles.
  • Cracked hand and feet: Mix juice of marigold leaves with Vaseline and apply it on the affected part twice or thrice a day, it provides relief in cracked hand and foot.
  • Metrorrhoea: Taking 5-10 ml juice of marigold flowers is useful. Fry 20 grams powder of marigold flowers with 10 grams ghee and take, it provides relief in metrorrhoea.