increasing cases of allergy day to day, there are various theories available for reasoning out but yet mysterious topic.

Here we are not going to details about to allergen substance (peptide bond) because they works according to their properties, its our duty (doctors) to protect body from it ! There are two ways of allergy-management, either away from exposure or use to it. 

allergy is a hyper response to allergen, better immunity better response.

Myth about allergy 

1. immune power low.... if your immune power low then response of body is also low so there no chance to develop any allergy.allergy is hyper response not low.

2. Viral infection..... many cases of viral infection of upper respiratory present like an allergy. running nose, sneezing, fever from viral infection look like an allergy but its not allergy. in infection may immunity gives response but not give hyper response to virus (peptide).

3. Avoid food or atmosphere, Restriction!! ..... its difficult to avoid all food for example wheat, rice , milk, peas,..etc. Laboratory reports     shows any things but your experience is more important then it. some times many things comes out from lab reports , allergy may happens though avoiding all that things. your body is final authentic source of allergen not reports.

4. allergy is a disease..... its not a disease but tendency of body may convert in to diseases. actually is our true friend who response foreign substances in hyper way. True friendship never accept foreign person like our immunity reflects same manner. truly Psycho?!

5. No treatment for allergy, stay for life time.........NO! biggest myth...there are various system claim for treatment for allergies, but Homeopathy is the biggest treatment for allergies. thousand of cases solved from homeopathy. 

ARK Homeopathic clinic-rajkot specially works for allergies . claim ratio of results is very high. wonderful things in that treatment is NO RESTRICTION. You can eat anythings you likes. for further inquiries you can contact of DR PARESH KARED, MD(Homeopathy). 

Do not believe in any articles , just go through it and think about it..... thanking you