Allergy! A common suffering in today's world. This devil presents itself in multiple ways - on Skin, nasal passage, respiratory tract, eyes, even blood. It becomes too difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of allergies, and even more difficult to avoid allergic factors. Most common allergens like dust, pollens, odours are very hard to avoid. 

What role does Homoeopathy play???

Unlike most ant-allergic treatments that are targeted at reducing or rather suppressing the allergic response, mostly with steroidal remedies and antihistamines, the allergy stays subdued, but patient overall does not feel good. Many tend to get drowsy and dull, and repeated medications reduces the immunity. It makes one more susceptible to allergic attacks, many ending in bronchitis, asthma and severe urticaria, which can be dangerous.

Homoeopathy regards the Individual as a whole, including the reactions towards allergic factors, and helps boost the immunity so that the patient can tolerate the allergies better and react less. A boon for children, who cannot play outside, or eat ice creams or any flavoured stuff due to their problems.

Homoeopathy can also uproot the allergic tendency and help patients lead a healthier life, without any side effects or dependence.