All of us in some time in our life must have faced the problem of hair fall. But how many of us actually understand what is the hair fall n why does it occur?

Let's try to understand it in most easy way 

Hair grows in the following 4 phases:

Hair growth cycle 

a) Anagen (growth phase) 

b) Catagen (stationary phase) 

c) Telogen (resting phase) 

d)  Exogen (falling off, of dead hair) 

All the above 4 stages take approximately 3 months to complete. ie a new hair will fall off approximately in 3 months where after a new hair will grow. 

About 90% of your hairs are at growing phase n 10% are at falling off phase. Hence hair fall of around 25-50 strands/ day is considered normal. Any thing more than 50 strands/ day can be counted as haor fall depending upon its severity into

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Sever

Causes for hair fall 

1) Heriditary (Androgenic Alopecia) from paternal side 

2)Auto immune (Alopecia areata) Jyala apan chaie padna hi bolto

3) Disease condition eg fever,  cancer,  scalp infection, trichotillomia, dokyala  (sweat) 

4)  Hormonal*

Post Delivery  *PCOD* Thyroid* irregular menses contraceptive * tension * trauma 

5) Dietery

*Sudden weight loss or weight gain

* Cal deficiency*

 *Folic acid/vit B12/iron deficiency6)  

6)Over use of medicines

* blood thinner* Vit A * Steroids 

7)  hair products

Hair dye* Blow dry* Straightning -------------

Youmust have tried hell lot of oil n hair care products but no results

But the good news is.. Ayurveda has the solution for your hair fall