This is just beginning of a celestial path. Yoga practised in any level is beneficial; that is to say just as an exercise as overall health quotient improvement tool or as a path to salvation it never lets you down. It benefits according to your own efforts put in. Deviations in health are manifold. It could be acute in nature like infectious diseases Chickenpox, Typhoid, Malaria etc or Chronic in nature which are dynamic disorders which cannot be controlled by lifestyle or modification in diet and regimen as well as by strong suppressants. One more type of ‘disorder’ is mechanical in nature that includes foreign bodies inside the body like poisons; injuries, drowning, harsh climatic conditions as well as Lifestyle related problems.

Our times are mostly burdened by lifestyle oriented disorders that are common knowledge. But Yoga could be the most important rescuer in these conditions that is also everybody is in the know-how of. But the advantages of yoga are not only regaining old energy, weight loss or general improvement of health, it also improves one’s psychological well being. If you are at ease and not dis-eased your temper will be malleable, you are quick and agile automatically it contributes to one’s efficiency and confidence. It's not that people who do yoga and meditation never suffer from acute or chronic diseases. They do suffer from deviations of health but their immunity and threshold of bearing suffering are very high.

I have seen people coming to me stating I do yoga, walk regularly: stress levels are manageable, my lifestyle is as good as it could be, what are the chances of myself getting a Heart attack? I will say ” Your familial history counts since your risks are very less you can prevent major health setbacks with the help of Homoeopathy.” 

Pain is inevitable but suffering is subjective and can be reduced by one’s mind power. And Yoga can boost that power. Real health insurance can be regular yoga practice and if you just do few counts of Suryanamaskar especially in sunlight it could bring on amazing benefits to one’s health. Doctors also will be happy that you are getting enough Vitamin D, plus Suryanamaskar includes each and every muscle stretch as well as flex which is a concise exercise regimen. It's unfortunate that people judge without knowing the reality. Even If you desist exercising or too lazy to get into yoga or whatever it will not go down into the annals of history as an achievement, nor it’s a loss for yoga. But if you begin any amount of exercising according to your bodily nature as well as requirements and better do yoga regularly which is the most advanced form of exercising with the mind, body: spirit upliftment it surely count in your future.