Nipah Virus is named after the place where it was first outbreak. It is RNA virus This virus can infects animals as well as humans causing severe symptoms and if unattended may cause loss of life. The natural host is fruit bat and occasionally pigs. 


Most common incubation period is of 3 -4 days and then the symptoms starts. But the progression of the disease is so fast that it may give hardly 24-48 hrs and may slip in encephalitis or respiratory distress.


Like all Viral infection this also causes high grade fever, body ache, headache, sore throat, vomiting and weakness. But it is of concern is due to the direct impact on brain or respiratory system. This causes acute breathlessness and even coma due to inflammation of brain ie. encephalitis leading to loss of life. 

Symptoms of confusion, stupor, drowsiness manifest in neurological involvement. Seizures can be seen in severe cases. Cases survived through encephalitis recover well but may have long term neurological complaints.  


Diagnosis can be done with real time polymerase chain reaction from throat swab or cebrospinal fluid (CSF) by doing lumbar puncture. Other tests are done to rule out other causes and evaluating the status of the infected person.


As per WHO records no specific treatment is available to heal the condition. Thus supportive treatment is given to avoid the complications. 

Homoeopathy can be helpful in viral conditions. It has been seen in cases during Chikungunya as well during swine flu Homoeopathy worked well with infected persons. As no effective medicines in other systems, one can choose this system but with full medical monitoring in hospitalization mode and with proper investigations. 


  • Avoiding exposure to the infected person. 
  • Avoid fruits and dates which seems to be bitten by any bird or bat. 
  • Washing hands regularly. 
  • Maintain hygiene by avoiding spiting in any places. 
  • Hospitals should take care of Hospital-acquired infections to the caretakers and other patients admitted. 

Information and awareness about the symptoms can reduce panic. Prevention is always better than cure.