As the name suggests, a Fad Diet is a diet which is a style or a vogue or temporary.

How does one recognise a fad diet?

  • A diet which promises great results in a short duration of time.
  • A Diet which makes you feel hungry or makes you starve.
  • A Diet which gains popularity instantly
  • A Diet which is unhealthy and not balanced
  • A Stylish weight loss plans
  • A Sounds too good to be true
  • Any diet which promotes a health product or a supplement

Disadvantages of a Fad Diet:

  • It is unhealthy and not balanced hence nutrient deficiencies take place
  • Weakness at the end of the diet
  • Dullness in skin and hair
  • Health issues like acidity, gastric problems, indigestion may occur after you stop.
  • You lose the water weight instead of the fat.
  • Difficult to follow throughout life and not advisable as well.

Examples of Fad Diets:

  1. High Protein Diet: This diet is good for gym lovers or sports enthusiasts. If not accompanied by adequate exercise, then extra protein puts a burden on the kidneys and liver for digestion.
  2. Liquid Diets: These diets mainly provide vitamins and minerals but the essential macronutrients are missing in the diet. This can be a temporary diet as soon as you go back to your regular routine the pounds and inches lost go back to their regular palaces in the body.
  3. No-Carbohydrate or Low Carbohydrate Diet: This diet is to be administered to a specific group of people. Not meant for weight loss purposes.
  4. Eating only a specific type of food or a combination of food for weight loss.

Follow a balanced and nutritious diet for weight loss and to maintain the same.