In India, parents are the most worried when there is stress in the married life of their children. I had a brush with one such parent, whose daughter was not having a happy married life due to her obesity. They had visited me in my clinic along with her daughter who was very obese. 

The Marriage and The Background: The couple got to know each other through a matrimonial site. They liked each other, informed their parents and decided to get married. The daughter of the parent who came to meet me was actually obese and the picture she had uploaded to the matrimonial site did not show she was obese. It was there the problem took root. The guy was in the US and he came down to get married. Maybe after he looked he got a shocker. He was a man of words and did not hesitate to get married. He did take her as his spouse. But after the marriage, he began avoiding her as her obesity was putting him off. He travelled back to the US for his job and began to avoid her real time. He never showed interest in either taking her to the US along with him or to come back to India to live with her. 

It was under these circumstances, the parent and the daughter came to meet me. She had come with her parents after hearing about bariatric surgery, its benefits, and the earnest desire to live with her husband. The parents were in tears and they believed that bariatric surgery can offer them a solution. 

The Bariatric Surgery and the Aftermath: The daughter underwent gastric bypass bariatric surgery in Chennai and she kept up with her post-operation diet. She was diligent and included physical activities too. She drastically reduced her weight. The layers and layers of fat in her body had camouflaged her beauty. She was indeed a gorgeous lady. The next I heard from her was that she had united with her husband, have a kid and she is leading a happy life in the US.

Conclusion and Disclaimer: Beauty is just skin deep. To me, beauty lies in keeping the body healthy, and not in the colour of the skin or the rosy cheeks. For some men, obese women kindle their desire but for some, they do not. Sexual desire is an individual choice and it has nothing to do with the appearance of the individual. Beauty lies in the eyes of the individual and everyone is beautiful in their own way. So if you are very obese and think that bariatric surgery can bring you beauty, I would not agree. Bariatric surgery can definitely make you healthy and that is a fact I can endorse with full confidence.