Delhi/NCR at 27-37 degrees with 100% humidity levels, means that the droplets of water , not seen by us are capable of holding all types of germs and allergens-agents which cause allergies.

Cough & Cold are not the only symptoms. 

One can have rashes on the skin , red eyes which look infected, sneezing and running nose.

Temperature favors germs of all kinds unlike 40+ May & June with dry air,capable of killing germs but making us take precautions against dry air only.

Fogging is done by sprays every year before monsoons during dry May/ June.

This year there is a war , against Mosquitoes & We should Not doubt the good Intention of our leaders.

We as doctors feel guilty in telling little ones or seniors to stay indoors for days after recovering from routine fevers which get corrected with medicines within 3-4 days.

What are the other hidden agents leading to allergic reactions ?

1)Chlorine in Swimming pools-if levels are high

2)Certain spices in our kitchen including garlic powder ,because the risk of getting mould over spices and pulses is high during monsoons.

3)Certain plants in our homes.

4)Routine Fresh Paints done during these days , just before festival season.

5)Unwashed vegetables and fruits which are contaminated or washed carelessly with river water by the vendor.

6)Room sprays.

7)Mosquito repellent coils and other devices used with electricity.

8)Bugs and insects in mattresses or hidden within walls.

9)Too Much of Dhoop/ Agrawati and burning of other materials like ordinary Candles during rituals.

10)Packed foods, specially non veg variety.

A person knows his constitution and goods which leads to allergies and does try to avoid them.

But all of above agents causing allergies are slow poisons which we inhale without being conscious about side effects.

With high levels of droplets in the air , the levels of Oxygen fall and one feels Shortness of Breath.

Worst effect is felt by a person suffering from Respiratory diseases like Asthma /COPD.

Redness of eyes is confused with eye infection & rash on skin makes for a Consultation with Skin Specialist. 

Washing with ordinary soaps during bath is not enough to remove allergy causing agents sticking to skin.

Eyes can be washed with plain water & few drops of honey put in both the eyes ,an hour before bath.

Skin can be scrubbed clean with any medicated soap like Lifeboy used in hospitals, but no creamy soaps as advertised for soft and smooth skin. 

Keep the skin dry and no ointments/ gels to remove rash as oily applications as these along with sweat will make it worse( oil absorbs heat) 

Avoid Synthetic clothes & wear Cottons.

We as ordinary citizens can do nothing about fogging being done on mass scale but we can

1)Stay Indoors

2)Stay Hydrated-Drink lots of water

3)Avoid other products causing allergies.

4)Inhale Fresh Oxygen by Being Near Plants within homes sprayed clean with water everyday,making sure that the pores on fresh leaves gives us no dust but Only Oxygen.

5)If possible Use ACs to control Humidity levels.

We will kill Mosquitoes for sure but get ready for festivals The Healthy Way minus Crackers !