6 Causes of hair loss everyone should know about and  some simple, holistic action plan can combat issue safely and work for longer....

In order to have healthy dense volume of hair on your head, the rate of hair loss and replacement should be in tandem. With age, your hair growth cycle shows signs of slowing down and factors like age, disease, and hormonal changes among others affect the pace at which an individual hair follicle moves through the 3 phases of the hair cycle. A disruption in your hair cycle can give rise to loss of hair that’s rapid and unexpected. Hair loss or alopecia can affect both men and women. 
So what can cause your hair to fall at an alarming rate?

The reasons behind hair loss could be many, but here are 6 major ones: 
1. Lack of protein in your diet 
When you exclude protein from your diet, your body starts to conserve the protein that it has by altering the growth cycle of your hair. In such cases, your hair enters into the resting stage, resulting in zero hair growth. 
In India, 9 out of 10 people are said to suffer from low amounts of protein in their diet, with 91% vegetarians reporting protein deficiency.
(Higher amount of salt in diet it can boost hair fall by deteriorating health of follicle making hairs grey to white)

2. Iron deficiency 
Iron plays a very important role in the transportation of oxygen to the different organs of the body. Lack of iron in your diet (which is the principle reason behind anaemia) can give rise to several health problems including hair loss. Your body attempts to direct oxygen to important organs so as to support their functioning. As a result, your scalp witnesses a low supply of oxygen, which causes hair loss. 

(Sour food n drink (packed n canned ) craving may loose  skin tone and strength of hair )

3. Vitamin D-3 deficiency
Deficiency of vitamin D-3 gives rise to a type of hair loss called Telogen Effluvium (TE). This is a temporary hair thinning phenomenon that takes place when the all the hair on your scalp enter the resting phase at the same time, subsequently causing you to shed a large amount of hair later on. 

(Ayurveda shares Hairs is Mala of Asthi Dhatu so take care of Bone and Joint Health)

4. Smoking 
Smoking can also affect the health of your hair, especially the rate at which it falls and the number of strands lost in a day. A research carried out by the Harvard School of Public Health has revealed that smoking can cause a rise in a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An increase in DHT level prevents new hair cells from growing and causes hair follicles to reduce in size with each hair cycle. As a result, the area on your scalp that gets affected by DHT experiences a lack of hair growth. 

5. Use of testosterone supplements in gym
Intake of testosterone in the form of supplements and injections to build muscle mass can trigger hair loss in men. This takes place when the testosterone in these supplements gets changed into DHT, thereby affecting your hair loss rate and amount. 

6. Past illnesses

Illnesses (dengue, fever, Jaundice, TB and typhoid, hypothyroidism, cancer management by chemotherapy,) or summer and October heat and prior menses can trigger a bit hair fall. Falling of hair can also be brought on by illnesses such as typhoid, TB and dengue as the hair growth cycle comes to a stop. Hormonal or metabolic stress that is experienced during the course of such diseases may cause hairfall. 

Action plan

Adding well balanced healthier routine habits like  diet with exercise and quitting  Tobacco/Alcohol and late night life/shifts (to balance Biological clock)

Any one of Ayurvedic Detox may be Basti/Virechan/Vaman

Rasayan therapy..like (Vardhaman rasayan) of Bhrangaraj...



Shiro pichu....

Dhara and Lepanam add benefit but on specific conditions so be in communication with ur Ayurveda physician