A healthy white and bright smile can make it or break it for your first impression. And to have that powerful first impression is a tool that amplify your personality multiple folds to get ahead in life. But apart from a dazzling first impression, isn’t your oral health also about your overall health considering it to be the gateway to your digestive tract, which is one of the most important machinery of your living system.

 So how do you really get started with a real good breath and a hale oral health?

 Oral health is all about how well you treat your mouth and teeth. More the natural and sustainable approach, the longer they’ll accompany you in your old age. Sadly, the Indian Market is full of various chemical laced range of toothpaste and mouthwashes that do little to uplift the status of your teeth but harm the good and symbiotic bacteria helping you to deal with the germs developing in your salivary secretions. These good bacteria not only deal with your bad breath but also aid your digestion starting right from the buccal cavity.

Does Ayurveda Have An Answer For A Sustainable Oral Health?

Ayurveda has all the answers for a natural and sustainable lifestyle along with a herbal way to deal with all your health complications. Herbs like Shankhjiru, Chanakabab, Katha, Kanthalu Maiju help you deal with the germs in your teeth and oral cavities. Ingredients like Lavang, Elaichi, and Alum form a layer of protection around your teeth and gums to help restore the chewing and grinding strength of your teeth. And on top of everything, your bad breath is dealt with a fresh splash of menthol.