The rose flower is symbol of love, beauty, affection and soft nature. Its flowers provide coolness and fair complexion. It is useful for the heart and cures tridosh (Vatta, Pitta and kapha.)

The rose flower is as beautiful as has useful qualities of remedy. According to Ayurveda, its juice is bitter, sweet and pungent in taste; cool in nature, smooth and light. 

  • It is useful for the treatment of gas, bile disorders, body inflammation and weakness of digestion system, anorexia, mentally problems, blood diseases and heart problems. 
  • It increases sperm count too. 
  • It quenches thirst and removes offensive smell of sweat. 
  • It is also useful for the liver and brain.

How To Use ROSE in Different Conditions

  • Sun-stroke: Mix 1 spoon rose-water with one cup water and immerse a cloth in it. Squeeze this cloth and put it on the forehead, it provides relief in sun-stroke.
  • Offensive sweat: Mix 10 ml rose-water and lemon juice with 1 bucket water. After that, take bath with this water, it removes offensive smell of the body.Rubbing powder of petals of red or white rose on the body ends excess sweat and also removes offensive smell of the body.
  • Sun burn: Mix 2 parts rosewater, 1 part glycerin, lemon juice and half part apple juice together then put it in the freeze. Applying it on the skin is useful to get relief in sun burn.
  • Urticaria: Mix equal quantity of juice of rose’s flowers and sandal oil together. Applying it on the affected part is useful to get relief in urticaria.