The feeling of rearing in the womb- a valuable gift of the almighty, though may be utmost pleasurable, the changes occurring in the body and mind of a woman are equally miraculous to her.

The tremendous progress made in medical science has made it possible to see and know the developments in the nine months of pregnancy through different machines. Though it may not be a miracle for medical science, it is a matter of utmost curiosity, interest and anxiety for the common people.

When affection and fondness conjugate, love emanates. Women desire to feel this within throughout their life and they are ready to make the biggest sacrifice.

It is commonly believed that a child is born at the time of delivery. However, the truth and as per religious thinking, birth takes place at the time of copulation between a man and woman where thousands of sperm enter the vagina, slowly travel through the vaginal tract to reach the womb and the fallopian tube. A single sperm comes in the contact with the ovum and a new human seed comes into existence. This is the real birth of a human being. The fusion grows and splits forming innumerable cells and this fetus starts growing hands, legs, ears, nose, etc., which keep developing further.

Sperm represents the male, while the ovum represents the female. The fusion of sperm with the mature ovum is called as fertilization and the conceived product is called as an embryo. The genetic qualities as well as drawbacks of both male and female enter this embryo. The embryo inhabits a 23:23 ratio of chromosomes from both the parents. This inhabits the qualities, drawbacks, nature, class and even congenital diseases.

The embryo, while traveling through the female fallopian tubes undergoes many cell stages (mitotic division takes place).

The 2 cell stage is reached approximately at 30 hours, post fertilization. After fertilization, the 4 cell stage takes 40-50 hours, 12 cell stage takes 72 hours and 16 cell stage takes 96 hours respectively. After this, the embryo enters the uterine cavity and gets implanted there. By the 10th/11th day, implantation is completed. When the embryo enters the womb the inner lining of the womb transforms forms itself into placenta. Later on the splits come together to from the body parts. The remaining cells create a cover encircling the womb. This cover is in the form of a fluid (amniotic fluid) which protects the womb from outwardly shocks. The Placenta works as a lung and kidney for the embryo and also provides blood and nutrition.

The development and the experiences felt by the lady during these nine months of pregnancy are entirely new and miraculous. These nine months are divided into three quarterly periods of three months(trimester) each.

The first trimester is for 12 weeks from the last date of menstrual cycle of the lady. During the 4th to 8th week period, all the organs (body parts) of the fetus are formed. This is called as organogenesis.

The second trimester is from the 13th to the 28th week. During the 18th to 20th week, fetal heart sounds become audible. The nails are formed, kidney starts functioning and hair grows on the skin and head. After the 20th week, the movements and pushes of the fetus are felt which go on to increase the love and affection towards the upcoming baby.

The third trimester is from the 29th to the 40th week. During this period the fetus grows fast and size of the womb enlarges at the level of diaphragm. During this stage, even little exertion can bring breathlessness to the mother. A fetus of 28 weeks can survive, but the lungs are not strong, hence extreme care is required. During these nine months of pregnancy the woman must eat nutritious meals rich in vitamins, calcium, iron etc., exercise regularly, do yoga and have 8 to 10 hours of sound sleep. The woman should stand for a longer time, but no hard/laborious work should be undertaken. Regular medical checkups should also be done. If needed, sonography can be done and there would be no side effects of the same.

Even though the human body is gifted by the parents at the time of conception, the mind ethically is already in existence from a time unknown. The mind evolves gradually, while the body goes into oblivion after death. The good deeds and good human behavior maintained earlier provide for a happy living, a comfortable home and a pleasant atmosphere to the mind. Since the body is new and different at each birth, the thoughts, emotion, exposition are carried through the body and the body has to be trained in all activities like walking, talking etc. The mind of the fetus is noble and mature and the ability to think is tremendous in human beings. Isn’t it a miracle of nine months?

Dr. Sanjay Tambe

MD - Homeopathy , FNAHI , PGNAHI

Homeopathic Doctor

31 Years Experience