Masturbation!!! A blessing in disguise!

Masturbation is defined as stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure.

It's like, you're visualising sexually arousing things in your head while going handsy. It's normal as breathing. Its the society which tabooed it.It's a way of releasing sexual tension.

Now that anything in excess is harmful, you got to keep a control over how many times you're releasing tension.

Here's what you can do:

1) Keep yourself busy. Like super busy. One of the main reason for sexual tensions is because of the fact that that your brain isn't having much to do. Give it fuel.

2) Start working out. Join a gym. Exhaust yourself to sleep.

3) Devote time to your close ones. Keep yourself around company.

4) Avoid watching pornos. Enable parental control. Ask your friend to set a password & tell them to never ever disclose it to you.

5) If you feel that your mind is coming up with sexual fantasies, pen it down. In great detail. Over a period of time, you will be out of stock and won't have much to type.

6) Understand that it's normal but what you're doing will harm your system.

7) Don't keep stressing over “I have to give up! I got to give up!”. It will compel you, psychologically to do it.

8) If you're getting thoughts from the incestuous or BDSM or hook up domain. Stop. Don't do it.

9) Seek counselling if these things don't help. Your doctor will keep it confidential & anonymity will be maintained. It's a legal clause.