Lemon has multiple health benefits. It is used for hair, skin, and as an overall health booster. It acts as a skin toner and builds the immunity of the body. 

But, are you aware that lemon peels are equally beneficial? Not only do they contain calcium, potassium and Vitamin C, but they also can be used in numerous ways. Here are a few:

  1. For tan removal: this point is pretty widely known. Lemon peel is an excellent tan remover. It also brightens and smoothens our skin.
  2. As Vitamin C supplement: small pieces of lemon peel and can be dried in the sun and then ground to make powder. This can be added in smoothies, etc and be a good source of your requirement of Vitamin C. Being rich in Vitamin C and citric acid, lemon peel helps with gum problems like scurvy and bleeding gums.
  3. For strong bones: lemon peel is known to maintain bone strength. It helps fight cancer and also helps with tumours and cysts.
  4. To lower cholesterol: lemon peel has polyphenol flavonoids which helps lower cholesterol levels.
  5. To feel good: it acts as strong anti-depressant.
  6. To fight cancer: lemon peel has nutrients like limonene and salvestrol q40 which are both known to fight cancerous cells.
  7. For bp control: the cholesterol level of a body can be decreased by consuming lemon peel. The potassium present in it also helps maintain the level of blood pressure.
  8. Cure for flu: eating lemon peels helps to cure sore throat, flu, cold, etc. This is because it contains Vitamin C in ample quantities.
  9. Control body odours:  Applying it on the body prior to bath can get rid of body odour, and it can also be used for brushing teeth and gums to get rid of bad breath, effectively.