1. During self-diagnosis, many a time you may not be fully aware of the kind of illness you are suffering from. In such cases, self-medication can lead to complex problems and you may have to pay the price through both loss of health and money.
  2. Wrong dosages during self-medication may lead to complications and can also prolong the recovery process. In fact, it can also lead to, a recurrence of the disease, resistance to  certain medicines, and may also be life-threatening in some cases.
  3. Improper usage of antibiotics over a long period of time may lead to the body's resistance to the same antibiotics, as well as combinations of other antibiotics, thus impeding the process of cure.
  4. You stand the risk of suffering from a stroke, allergic, and anaphylactic reaction.
  5. The medicines may react with other medicines you are already consuming. You may not know how the new medicines react with your body and the other drugs. Drug interactions affect the body and mind adversely.
  6. For people who are diabetic and hypertensive, self and irregular medication may cause uncontrollable reactions.
  7. Don't think vitamin tablets are always healthy, as they may lead to toxicity.
  8. Over the counter medicines from medical stores on the advice of a pharmacist, and self-medication may save your money, but will not always cure your health-related problems. On the contrary, self-medication may aggravate them.

Take Medications As Directed By Doctors Only! Stay healthy! Stay blessed!