Running is one of the commonest forms of exercise. It is important to know the safe condition and technique of running to prevent injuries. Injuries may involve your knee joint, lower leg, foot and ankle, pelvis and hip, heat exhaustion and skin. The following 5 tips may be useful to avoid injuries during running.

1. Prepare yourself for the run by properly hydrating yourself before the run, running the distance you are used to (you need to train your body well in advance if you plan to run a marathon), knowing the terrain you run (preferably flat), using comfortable attire and shoes (preferably high ankle shoes) to protect your feet. 

2.Plan your run and avoid it during very high or very low temperatures/ rains/ night time to prevent falls frostbites and exhaustion. It will be useful to take a bottle of water preferably enriched with electrolytes to re-hydrate yourself during the run especially for long distance runs.

3. Your posture and running technique are crucial. If you are in doubt of your technique, discuss with a trainer about the correct technique of running. If you have any alignment problems with your limbs, they can cause problems in the future especially if you are planning long distance runs on a regular basis. Know your limitations and stop when you have reached your limits and don't push yourself too hard.

4. Stretching for 5 minutes before the run is important to prevent muscle strains.

5. Running with a partner and with a mobile phone is advisable especially if you have medical problems. Always discuss with your doctor whether you are fit for running exercises if you have back/ medical problems. 

6.Avoid running in polluted areas/ rush hour traffic roads. Plan your runs in parks/ gardens where one can expect clean air.

7. Orthotic shoe inserts may be useful for those with foot deformities like flat feet. If you are likely to hurt your body by running, it's best to accept running is not your thing and try another form of exercise like swimming or cycling.