Hair is the crowning glory of every individual and problems with hair can become very upsetting for anyone. Hair fall problems in men and women have different reasons and therefore sometimes the line of treatment can also vary. However there are some common things both men and women can do to prevent excessive hair fall.

Common reasons for hair fall

  • Post pregnancy (in women)
  • Quick weight loss (more than 2-3 kilos a month comes in the category of quick weight loss)
  • Not nourishing the hair adequately
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • A very high protein diet or high acid not balanced by alkaline food
  • Weak liver
  • Using strong and harsh hair colors, gels and styling products
  • Sinusitis or migraine

Nutrition support for falling hair

Here are 7 nutrition tips one can follow to prevent continuous hair fall: 

  • Protein consumption in balance, neither very high nor very low. Protein grows the hair and gives it strength, therefore the consumption should be adequate, but it should not be so much that the hair follicle and the body become so acidic so as to promote hair fall.

  • For vegetarians - a vegetarian diet is generally a low acid diet and usually does not lead to an acid build up. This is because plant proteins are more alkaline than animal proteins and also the protein in a dal usually stays within the range of 20 to 35%, which is mild. The sources of protein can be sprouts, tofu also called soya paneer, chenna, both black and white, lobia, green peas, green choliya, etc. Dairy is also a source of proteins which is an animal product but more acceptable to vegetarians.

  • For non vegetarians - the protein sources can be poultry, meat and fish. One aspect which non vegetarians must keep a watch on is the fact that non vegetarian protein sources are almost 100 % protein, therefore it is far easier to over consume protein in a non vegetarian diet. To prevent an acid build up, non-vegetarians must consume a lot of alkaline food like vegetable juices, salads, vegetable soups & fruits.

  • Fruits- all fruits are very rich in B group of vitamins and vitamin C. Both these groups are very important for the adequate growth of the hair shaft and roots. Therefore the diet must have fruits like oranges, pomegranate, apple, pineapple, guava, banana, grapes, etc. The upper limit consumption of fruits daily should be 2.

  • Herbs like triphala (a mix of 3 herbs –harar, behar and amla) and amla juice, tulsi, lemon, are very good for detoxifying the liver and clearing the toxins, and hence prevent hair fall.

  • Nuts provide the essential fatty acids which are important in hair growth; therefore a daily dose of some nuts and oil seeds should be taken. Depending upon the weather, one can take flax seed, olives, almonds, walnuts, pistachio, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.

  • Vegetable juices like carrot, beetroot, pumpkin, lauki, mint, spinach, ginger, celery, aloe vera can be mixed in different amounts to create a health cocktail.

Importance of Hair conditioning

Hair needs proper care and conditioning like the rest of the skin, and frequent harsh colors, dyes, perming gels, a hair setting, etc. can do damage the hair significantly. In case one is used to all the above then extensive hair oiling with a compatible hair oil and deep conditioning with a hair pack is necessary to avoid hair damage and fall.

Managing stress and anxiety is also an important aspect and one of the most effective methods is pranayam to control excessive hair fall.

Eat Healthy, Stay Beautiful!