1. Yoga - Morning Stretch

• Lie faceup, arms by side, palms down 

• Inhale, bring arms overhead & lift the spine off the floor 

• Point toes. Extend legs & arms away from each other 

• Exhale, bring arms back to side, release lumbar spine to the floor 

• Repeat 10-20 times 

• This is a rhythmic movement practised with the breath

2. Yoga - Downward Dog

• Lie face down, hands flat on the floor beside shoulders 

• Feet hip width apart with toes flipped under 

• Exhale, push hips up, keep tailbone high 

• Back flat, arms straight, head between upper arms 

• Knees straight or slightly bent, drop heels toward the floor 

• Hold for 5 breaths, exhale & lower

3. Downward Dog (Abdominals)

• Begin in a push-up position, hips close to the floor 

• Press hips up & back 

• Form a V position from hands to feet 

• Keep arms & legs straight 

• Pause, lower & repeat

4. Cobra Stretch

• Lie face down, feet & legs together, toes pointed 

• Hands flat on the floor, elbows by side 

• Inhale, push pubic bone into the floor 

• Slowly extend elbows, lift chest & head & gaze upward 

• Pull shoulder blades down & back 

• Hold for 5-8 breaths 

• Exhale, slowly lower head to the floor, relax completely

5. Low Back Stretch - Seated - Partner Assisted

• Sit upright on the floor 

• One leg straight, other bent & flat on the floor  

• Put an opposite hand on bent knee 

• Another hand on the above head 

Partner stands behind & pushes torso into a rotation 

• The partner then bends the torso sideward toward the straight leg

6. Low Back Stretch - Push - Partner Assisted

• Sit on floor 

• Legs straight, feet spread wide 

•Partner pushes lower back forward toward feet 

•Stretch forward, hands on the floor

7. Hip Flexor Stretch - Lateral Flexion

• Kneel in a lunge position 

• Hand of kneeling leg stretched overhead 

• Laterally flex toward another side 

• Keep hips facing the forward

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