India ranks second worldwide, in deaths due to heart attacks. Its worse even to know that the age of the diseased is reduced from 60's to 30's. Most of the affected die without even having the slightest idea that there is damage happening in their heart. With the faulty life we lead and the amount of stress we take the equilibrium of the body is lost. Most of the cardiac problems today are noticed in those working in the corporate sector. Irregular eating sleeping habits, addiction to alcohol and smoking, peer and performance pressure, obesity, etc. are slowly eating away the optimal working capacity of the heart. Though this issue needs more awareness and vigilance be cautious and report to your doctor if you experience the following signs and symptoms and be screened for heart problems.

Please consult your doctor if:

  1. Persistent and recurrent heart burns or acidity with indigestion, nausea and pain in stomach region.
  2. Non-healing cough (dry and barking type).
  3. Pain in chest radiating to the left arm or jaw, neck, back.
  4. Constant feeling of exhaustion and breathlessness, even at rest.
  5. Swelling of your legs, feet, and ankles.
  6. Regular throbbing headaches.
  7. Fluctuation in the BP, especially if the lower reading of BP is 90 and above.

Prevention is better than cure! Be alert of the above signs and take necessary actions with the help of your physician.