Sinusitis is developed due to allergic reaction, also known as allergic rhinitis. Anyways which is improve your immune system that can helps to cure from sinusitis some one is mention here. symptoms appear in sinusitis is sneezing specially at arising from bed at any time & when dusting of house, Mild to moderate headache, sometime patient snoring, loss of smell, running nose, crusting in the nose found, in later stages developed Deviated nasal septum (DNS)

In Ayurveda this diseases is known as Pratishyaya and it is developed due to vitiation of vata and kapha dosa. different causes mention in ayurvedic text .

excessive sexual activity, headache, dust exposure, smook exposure, sleeping in open areas, Retention of urine, stool and sneezing urges etc.

Home care/Home remedies-

1. Take lukewarm water at every time.

2. Gud (jeggery)  and ginger equal quantity at early mornings daily.

3. instilled 2-2 drops of mustard oil in both nostrils

4. Take milk with ginger and turmeric at bed time

5. Must bath with lukewarm water.

6. avoid cold drink ice cream, fermented product and cold weather 

these are very effective for your sinusitis follow it at least 3 months.