A person should deal with the following issues before marriage; otherwise, the couple may face problems in marriage:

  • Rebellion against Parents:

It is too often that conflict with parents is a reason for marriage. Many people are uncomfortable in accepting this fact. Young people think marriage as a rational option as a rebellion against parents or a dysfunctional family of origin. For a victim of mental, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, parental alcohol or drug abuse all have legitimate reasons to flee from their families but not for getting married.

  • Independence:

Becoming independent from one’s family of origin is something that only an individual can do. People cannot rely on their partner to do it for them.

  • Rebounding from Another Relationship:

People to rebound from another relationship may “need” the new partner for emotional support. A marriage works better when two people want rather than need each other. A rebound relationship is in danger from the start because he or she is seen as a substitute, therapist or healer of the wounds of an old relationship.

  • Family or Social Pressure:

Many families put direct or indirect pressure on young people to get married. Marriage against one’s own desires is unlikely to produce a happy relationship.

  • Financial Security:

One of the traditional reasons for marriage is financial security. In today’s world, financial security is the major reason for marital discord. There is a genuine possibility of unemployment for one or both the spouses over the period of marriage. Many people experience the same for an extended period.

  • Pre-marital Pregnancy:

Getting married due to pre-marital pregnancy is not a good reason. Pre-marital couples have shared sex but may lack true intimacy and lack of real understanding of whom they are marrying.