As we know root cause of all diseases is in our digestive system. Healthy bacteria are produced in the intestine to help digestion & helps body to fight against infections because healthy intestines absorb essential nutrition in the body which provides you energy / stamina, better immunity etc. 

Suppose a person having constipation or incomplete emptying the digested food that get stored in large intestine where it loses its natural softness, it creates toxins in the intestines result in formation of hard stool, bloating, pain in abdomen etc. it's just beginning, with time it creates many health issues like high cholesterol, hyperacidity, piles, other health issue etc. 

To live life healthy you must make your intestine healthy & fit!

1) Healthy & fresh food

Always prefer fresh cooked food within max 45 minutes from ready depending on seasons. Eat fruits immediately after cutting. After some times it loses its nutritional values & becomes stale food which creates bloating, indigestion, pain in abdomen etc.

2) Water drinking during meal

Sipping water during meals is good for digestion ,it even better while consuming dry food items in meals

3) Yoga & exercise  to improve digestion

Exercise or yoga like pawanmuktasana & vajrasana helps in healthy bowel movement by improving circulation & removing excessive pressure on abdomen.

4) Eat food on time

You must fix the timing of your meals according to lifestyle / job profile. Make sure that the first meal i.e breakfast is heavy & dinner is light. We recommend 3 meals a day.

5) Food  & lifestyle  

Wash your hands before starting meals. Always take meals in sitting position only.hygiene & ambience must be good. meal is complete when it contain sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, sour & astringent taste food ( SHADARASA) in proportion. Do not forget to clean mouth with water if needed use dental floss.

6) Don't fight the urge

Suppression or avoiding natural urges creates disbalance of doshas which leads to different problems like bloating, pain, discomfort etc. 

To help in your healthy bowel movements, ayurveda has almost perfect therapy called as BASTI . In which we used different herbal decoction & herbal oils to clean your intestines & normalise the bowel moves.