The liver is a digestive gland and plays an important role in the metabolism of food and other substances we take including heavy antibiotics at the slight pretext of a routine cough and cold.

The Liver is an accessory digestive gland and produces bile, an alkaline compound which aids digestion via emulsification of lipids (fats)

Recently we have been hearing lots about Acidic Diet vs. Alkaline diet.

Alkaline diet prevents Cancer and some of the Lifestyle Disorder Diseases.

The liver is an important organ which regulates the digestion to make it Alkaline provided that we are eating well and not 

1) Overloading the liver by eating heavy to digest foods like some of the pulses favoured by people of all regions, all over India-Tur Daal & Urad daal.

Medicines like fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K are not excreted out, by drinking lots of water, like water-soluble vitamins get out of the body without putting a burden on the liver.

Eat lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits to make diet alkaline and also do not burden on the liver to digest these easily available and ready to eat foods.

2) Avoid bad fats but do take a spoon of good fats like pure ghee/butter every day plus a katori of assorted nuts every day. our bodies do need Good cholesterol to function.

3) Both good cholesterol and bad cholesterol are responsibilities of the liver.

Make sure about eating habits at All Stages of Life.

4) Sunshine Vitamin D is given in doses ranging from 60-100 K/day or twice a week for weak old bones prone to Osteoporosis.

Make sure that dose of this vitamin given as a routine does not exceed 1000 IU to normal people and only people with deficiency need higher doses. 

5) Alkaline Diets vs. Acidic Diets.

Lemon juice, Citrus fruits  & other vegetables and fruits rich in natural vitamins, locally grown and ready to cook are ALKALINE

Acid diets are heavy, loaded with spices and fats, difficult to digest and cause distention.

Follow the language of the body and stay away from wrong types of food to preserve body along with a healthy Liver.

6) Fatty liver is detected on routine Ultrasound examination. 

In women, it can be an obese and lazy one.

In men, it can be an alcoholic with faulty eating habits.

Grade 2 Fatty Liver- No specific treatment except Caution about food.

Exercise does help the liver to remain supple but Pollution does affect the liver as people with Respiratory diseases like COPD have higher liver enzymes with normal Bilirubin.

(Means the person with liver affected by pollution does not have Jaundice but liver is under strain because of low levels of Oxygen.)

Inhale Lots of Fresh Oxygen through Green Plants with clean leaves.

Oxygen is additional therapy for a borderline weak liver.

Enjoy Sunshine Vitamin in its natural form, produced by the liver, helped by Sun.