It is very common to feel weak, tired and drowsy. Eyes become so heavy that you are not able to do a simple set of work. What if this condition keeps on disturbing you daily? Your productivity reduces and badly affects your performance. Although it may indicate some underlying disease but in many patients there is nothing in the blood report and the doctor has nothing but to say – “This is due to weakness”. 

Now what? 

Should I depend on glucose or energy pills or energy drinks..?? I believe there are many other options to get rid of this “weakness”. How to gain energy and how to keep yourself going on is not that difficult. Trust me glucose is not always the best solution to keep going.

Six easy ways to fight weakness

1. Watch what you eat

Think twice if you order pizza or burger more than once a week. Rather two chapattis made with love by your lovely mom, some vegetables and salad may give you better energy than cheese burst pizza or burger. Always eat healthy and always stay fit.

2. Move your body

Indulge in any kind of physical activity. Gymnasium is not the only place you need to go to stay fit. There are many other options be it Swimming, Badminton, Dancing, Aerobics, Yoga, Boxing and so on. Make your own choice. Jogging for about 30 minutes a day along with some stretching works good for me. 

3. Relax your brain 

If you are medically fit, then trust me, the weakness is in your mind only. Your mind or brain needs relaxation not your body. Try to complete your work before deadlines, play games with your friends, stay friendly with your colleagues, spend time with your family sand always keep a smile on your face. These small things keep your mind fresh and your mental equilibrium is maintained. Follow these things and believe me your mind will start telling your body that – “Get up, you are absolutely fine”. 

4. Make a hobby

Start doing something you really like. It may be playing guitar, piano, reading books, painting, listening music etc. You’ll start feeling energetic when you start doing what you really love. I personally love to write things. So whenever I feel tired I start writing whatever comes in my mind. 

5. Avoid pills, choose fruits

There are many energy pills or drinks available in market claiming to give you enough energy for whole day. Most of these drinks contains a lot of sugar and is not good for health. Regular intake of supplement pills put unnecessary pressure on our kidney and liver. So it’s better to go for fruits and other natural food products. Take a lot of fibre, water, green leafy vegetables and salads.

6. Make use of your mobile and TV

One of the strangest ways to help yourself to get up from bed when you are feeling drowsy is to start watching your favorite TV show. Alternatively you can use your mobile phone. Yes, mobile phones are not only time wasters; you may take benefit from it too. You can watch any comedy video clip or listen your favorite music. Giving 4-5 minutes to your mobile or to your TV may help to open your eyes and gives enough energy to start doing your work. You know better which one works for you better. It may be the action scenes from racing clips of fast and furious, Horror sequence of The Conjuring or wrestling of Sultan or the motivational song from Chak de. For me the lovely fight scene from Mr and Mrs Smith always work. You may try it too.

In short, plenty of healthy food, appropriate meal timings and loving your job is all you need to keep going at all times. Next time, if you feel weakness don’t ask your doctor to prescribe you a Tonic, instead tell your body that “Don’t make me fool, get up and keep going”. And still if nothing works, a mug of chilled water from your parents, spouse or friends always work. :-)