Bad breath is a common phenomenon as it is anticipated to affect 1 in 4 people worldwide. The most widespread reason for bad breath or halitosis is awful oral hygiene. Halitosis is the third most common cause for which people look for dental care, after tooth decay and gum disease.

 There are numerous causes why a person can have bad breath; Dry mouth, crash diets, consumption of tobacco, diseases, drugs, bronchiectasis, bowel obstruction, aspiration pneumonia, etc. You can get rid of Halitosis or bad breath with a few simple techniques.

Let’s see what those methods are:

1] Brush your teeth well:- It is essential that you brush your teeth regularly and in the correct manner. It is imperative that you brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day to get rid of the particles stuck between your teeth. Brushing can, in turn, help you get rid of bad breath.

2] Cleaning your tongue:- People generally brush their teeth but overlook cleaning their tongue. Germs, food, and dead cells normally assemble on the tongue, particularly in people who smoke or predominantly in those with a dry mouth. A tongue scraper or a brush can be useful in getting rid of these particles that cause bad breath.

3] Diet:- Avoid having onions, garlic, and spicy food. Sugary foods can also cause bad breath. Trim down the consumption of coffee and alcohol. Having a breakfast that comprises of rough foods can help clean the back of the tongue. Having loads of water can also help reduce bad breath.

4] Floss regularly:- Flossing helps reduce the upsurge of food particles and plaque that are present on the teeth as brushing merely cleans approximately 60% of the surface of the tooth.

5] Avoid dry mouth:- Drink lots of water. Keep away from alcohol and tobacco, both of which dehydrate the mouth. Chewing gum or sucking a sweet, preferably sugar-free, can encourage the creation of saliva. If the mouth is persistently dry, a doctor may prescribe medication that stimulates the surge of saliva.