1. Home Blood Pressure monitors are 70% Inaccurate. Do not check BP too often. Get it checked by old machines with Mercury. They are still available in clinics and hospitals with professionals checking BP.

  • Keep the BP in the lower range.
  • There is no illness called Low BP for a person who is otherwise normal. 
  • A Low BP person will land up in hospital/clinic because of dehydration, blood loss, shock or allergic reactions.
  • A study warns about BP apparatuses used at home showing erratic readings which can have serious implications for people relying on them to make informed health decisions. 
  • The findings are extremely relevant as millions are asked to monitor their blood pressure at home and report the results back to their doctor.
  • Yes, recently many people are showing high BP due to stress and erratic lifestyles.

2. Reduce stress, control blood sugar, eat less salt, eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, keep weight under control, do not depend on medicines like digestive pills available over the counter.

3. Do not Stress Eat. Take simple proteins like milk, curd, eggs and avoid red meat and fried non-veg cooked in fats with lots of spices.

4. Five Spices to take for life to boost metabolism- Ginger, Haldi, black pepper, cinnamon and mustard seeds

Our women patients have to be careful about these spices during perimenopausal time lasting for a year or more as all of these spices can cause heavy bleeding.

5. Take juices of pomegranate/beetroot or eat them raw. 

Drink lots of water. 

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in.

Start early, be disciplined, practice yoga & meditation as a routine, reduce salt and sugar as a habit, eat more citrus fruits to get potassium which neutralizes Sodium present in common salt.

There may be genetic causes with many persons suffering from heart diseases in one family .

Heart Disease can be Reversed by caution,precaution and awareness.

Stop Disease Evolution.

Join the Heart Fit Revolution.